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About Radient Software, Inc.

Founded in 1995, Radient Software, Inc. is a software development company specializing in communications and multimedia products. Our flagship product, Secure CommNet, seamlessly integrates modem dial-up, Internet Telnet and SSH2 capabilities into a fast, full-featured and easy-to-use application. Our company mission is to provide high quality, affordable software that is easy to use and has the features that users really need.

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 Press Room

Announcing Lower Prices for Secure CommNet 2.35 and CommNet 2.35

September 1, 2006 -- Radient Software, Inc. today announced a significant price drop in its Windows Internet communications software titles. Secure CommNet 2.35, which supports secure shell (SSH2), telnet, and modem dial-up connections, is now $29 for a single-user license (a 25% price decrease); and CommNet 2.35, which supports telnet and modem dial-up connections, is now $19 for a single-user license (a 35% price savings). Dealer discounts and site licenses are also available.

Secure CommNet 2.35 and CommNet 2.35 Updates Released

October 12, 2003 -- Radient Software, Inc. announces an update to Secure CommNet 2.35 and CommNet 2.35. This latest release offers support for multiple users on the same computer and network environments.

Radient Software Announces the Release of Secure CommNet 2.0 and CommNet 2.0

July 25, 2001 -- Radient Software, Inc. announces the release of Secure CommNet 2.0, a new 32-bit Windows application that supports dial-up, Telnet and Secure Shell (SSH2) connections over the Internet. This latest version offers encrypted logins, communication and file transfers to remote computers. Major new features in Secure CommNet also include TCP/IP port forwarding (also known as connection tunneling), FTP support during Telnet and SSH2 connections, VT220 terminal emulation support and expanded scripting commands. Concurrently, Radient Software announces the release of CommNet 2.0, which offers all of the functionality of Secure CommNet 2.0 but without the SSH2 support.

Powered by sshlib from Bitvise Ltd., Secure CommNet supports SSH2, a protocol that enables encrypted connections to remote computers, including password transmissions and file transfers. With SSH2, users are protected from IP spoofing, IP source routing, DNS spoofing, and capture of passwords and other data. Secure CommNet supports the following encryption algorithms: AES256, Twofish, Blowfish, Triple-DES, Arcfour and Cast-128. For message authentication, Secure CommNet supports HMAC-SHA1 and HMAC-MD5 algorithms.

Radient Software Announces the Release of CommNet 32 1.0 for Windows 95/98/NT and CommNet 3.0 for Windows

April 14, 1997 -- Radient Software, Inc. announces the new release of a 32-bit version of CommNet named "CommNet 32" and CommNet for Windows version 3.0. CommNet seamlessly integrates Internet Telnet client/server and modem dial-up capabilities into a fast, full-featured and easy-to-use application. Aside from the new 32-bit functionality, some of the many new features in this Internet Telnet/data communications software application include SCO ANSI terminal emulation, scripting support, keyboard re-mapping, and a unique Telnet Host Mode Server feature which allows two end-users to communicate and transfer files directly over the Internet.

Radient Software Introduces CommNet 1.0

May 15, 1995 -- Radient Software, Inc. announces the new release of CommNet for Windows. CommNet is a Windows based data communications software package which seamlessly integrates modem dial-up and Internet Telnet capabilities into a single, fast, full-featured, and easy-to-use application. CommNet is capable of one dial-up and multiple Telnet connections simultaneously. High performance Zmodem file transfers are available with Internet Telnet (SLIP/PPP/network etc...) and dial-up sessions. Zmodem crash recovery and auto-downloading are also automatic. Ymodem-G is also available for dial-up connections. CommNet supports TTY, VT100, and PC ANSI terminal emulations with dial-up and Telnet sessions.


 Software Buzz

What Our Users Say

"Thanks! Just wanted to write back and thank you for the wonderful customer service you provided for me. I was surprised at how quickly you received and replied to my request." -- Timothy Scholl, North Wales, PA

"I love CommNet. It's a great product and I'm proud to now be a bona fide user." -- Steven Krantz, St. Louis, MO

"Good to telnet with. CommNet is a really good tool to use when you want to telnet...”  -- Kris Ring (CNET review)

"Great product for Telnet! Once I downloaded this program, I was in love with it. The shortcut buttons on top to Wordpad and Notepad make taking notes easier than ever. I've already had over 20 friends of mine download it, and all love it.” -- Serra Capilla (CNET review)  

Great Product. Highly Recommended. I have looked at many vanilla Telnet clients but still haven't found anything that compares to CommNet32. It's the only one I ever recommend to clients, friends, and associates. Windows is not exactly the best environment to try to telnet from, but if you must telnet from Windows, then this is the utility to use to do it. Very stable and does the job very nicely in a neat small package. Includes accurate emulators for almost all terminal types and some nice little extras like automated scripts.” -- Steve Williams (CNET review)

"Neat product! Clean user interface, terminal emulation that works without fuss, program not sprawly. Just what I’ve been looking for." -- David Milley, West Berlin, NJ

"...I needed a Telnet terminal with ANSI and ZMODEM capabilities to cut my phone fees. I have been very lucky to find CommNet..." -- Yves Pouplard, Sevran, France

"Of all of the freeware and/or shareware telnet clients, yours is the only one I have found that is easy and intuitive to install, and will allow for downloading of files with Zmodem in a SLIP/PPP environment. I have tested it, and it really works. Thanks for making the program available."
-- Sholom Gliksman, Chicago, IL

"After 9 months of searching for the right Com Program, I’ve found it! Now I can delete ProComm Plus for Windows!" -- Larry Harris, Lawrenceville, GA

"Great software package! Exactly what I need." -- Harry Misuriello, Danville, CA

"...It was very difficult to find a program for Telnet that had a true professional/commercial look, feel, and function list that CommNet has, and Zmodem support is nearly NOT FOUND... I used CommNet extensively for one weekend... HAD TO REGISTER IT!" -- Bob Brennan, Arlington, TX

"Downloaded demo and found it very useful. Your demo sold me!" -- Michael Kaiser, Alexandria, VA

"Been using it and like it!" -- Mike Laferriere, Hampden, MA

"Great program, first rate."-- Clint

"Good program! Thanks for making it!" -- Jeff Rogers, Moselle, MS

"After downloading all kinds of telecom software... I definitely liked yours! So, you have my business. Thank you! Very easy to use without hassle." -- Joseph F. Rose, San Jose, CA

"This is the best communication software that I have ever used." -- Cendra Kusumo, Thousand Oaks, CA

What the Editors Say

"CommNet demonstrates that a Telnet application can be user-friendly." -- Nick Smith, RocketDownload.com

"[Secure CommNet is an] extremely well-priced dial-up/telnet package that supports a wide variety of terminal emulations and file transfer protocols, a wide array of encryption technologies, as well as TCP/IP port forwarding and SSH2; tech-head nirvana." -- Steve Gold, SC Magazine

"One of the best telnet clients available." --The Consummate Winsock Apps List

"This is COOL Software for anyone using a modem or telnet!" -- Cool Doctor, Top Software Pick

"One of the better telnet clients available -- features Zmodem file transfers." -- Danworld.com

"...One of the few available programs that allows you to transfer files with the Zmodem protocol over your Telnet connection." -- CNET.com

"There are many good Telnet clients available for downloading via the Internet, but one stands out as being especially rich in features. It’s called CommNet and it’s available from Radient Software, Inc." -- "ProLog’s Guide to the Internet" by Ronald L. Wagner

"[CommNet] loads quickly and performs admirably... An unusually fast Zmodem protocol works via telnet or dialup connections..." -- Boardwatch Magazine

"Radient Software’s CommNet is powerful enough for most users and simple enough for the first-time BBS caller." -- West Coast Online Magazine


 Strategic Partners

Secure CommNet's SSH2 features are powered by sshlib from Bitvise. The company offers a SSH2 server program for Windows NT4/2000 (WinSSHD) that works well with Secure CommNet. For more information about Bitvise and their products, visit their website at www.bitvise.com.

If you want to reformat, extract, and edit text from a telnet or SSH2 session, we recommend TextPipe Pro from Crystal Software. TextPipe Pro integrates with Secure CommNet and CommNet to remove unwanted lines, search and replace text, send results to the clipboard or a database, and more. For more information, visit their website at www.crystalsoftware.com.au.


 Privacy Policy

Radient Software, Inc. respects each individual’s right to personal privacy. We will collect and use information through our website only in the ways disclosed in this statement. This statement applies solely to information collected at Radient Software’s website.

Part I.  Information Collection & Usage
Radient Software collects information through our website at several points. 

General Information. We collect general information that is not personally identifiable about primary visitors, including Internet protocol (IP) address, browser type, and Internet service provider (ISP). The non-personally identifiable information may be used for several reasons: to help diagnose problems with our server, to administer our web site, and to identify broad demographic trends. Registered users may occasionally receive new product announcements from us.  

Order Information. If you choose to order a product or service from Radient Software, we require that you provide your name, contact information, and payment information. This information is used by our payment gateway and merchant provider to bill and verify any orders you place on our website or by mail or fax.

We do not share data with any third parties. However, our website includes links to other websites. If you choose to click on links to other websites, we encourage you to read their privacy policies.  Radient Software is not responsible for the content or privacy practices of these websites.

Part II. Access to Information
Radient Software allows you to change your contact information at any time by sending e-mail to info@radient.com.

Part III. Data Storage and Security
Radient Software protects user information using secure servers; and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption for online orders. 

Part IV: Contact Us
If you have additional questions or concerns about our privacy statement, please contact us at Radient Software, PO Box 25925, Honolulu, HI 96825 or via email at info@radient.com

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